Why Does Lionel Messi Want to Leave Barcelona? Because Superstars Should Be Treated Fairly, Not Equally

Most organizations have “that” employee: intelligent, energetic, self-enthusiastic, embracing formal and informal management roles, while regularly outperforming other staff members in just about every goal measure.

In shorter, most corporations have at least a single personnel they are unable to manage to get rid of.

With all thanks respect for Cristiano Ronaldo, Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has arguably been the greatest soccer player in the globe for additional than a 10 years. He is received 6 Ballon d’Or awards. (Consider “greatest participant in Europe,” which basically means in the planet.) He’s won 10 La Liga (Spanish Premier division) titles and 4 Champions League titles. He retains La Liga records for most plans, most plans in a season, most hat tricks (a few-aim video games), and most helps.

In shorter, in numerous ways Messi is La Liga, particularly to people outside the house of Spain.

And, given that he’s used practically 20 several years at the club, he is definitely Barcelona.

Very last week, Messi faxed the club stating he wished to go away the club. In reaction, Barcelona claimed, “The club have responded to the fax to say that they expect Messi to continue on and to finish his profession at Barca.”

Messi wishes to go. Apparently, he’s been unhappy for some time, with current activities pushing him about the edge. Newly appointed head coach Ronald Koeman has reportedly now informed various veteran players, which include Messi’s finest good friend, Luis Suarez, that their services are no lengthier appreciated.

And then there’s this: Multiple reviews say Koeman advised Messi, “Your privileges in the squad are around. You have to do everything for the team. I am likely to be rigid. You have to feel about the crew.”

Barcelona would like him to keep — and can possibly make him stay.

While Messi’s contract would not expire until eventually June 2021, a clause was additional that would enable him to unilaterally terminate his offer at the end of the 2020 year, as lengthy as he educated the club by June 10. But since Barcelona’s season was prolonged by Covid-19, Messi evidently feels the extension to the season granted him till the close of August to physical exercise the termination clause. (After all, had Messi’s contract expired at the finish of the 2020 season, Barcelona would undoubtedly have predicted the terms of the contract to stay in force until the period actually finished, not when it was meant to conclude.)

Must Barcelona permit him go? On the 1 hand, Messi is a sizeable industrial asset: jersey profits, ticket revenue, worldwide consideration and consciousness. (Shoot, I went to Spain last tumble in element just to see him enjoy.)

Then once more, Messi is one of the optimum-paid athletes in the earth, and Barcelona may perhaps choose permitting him go — and acquiring a significant transfer fee in the method — would assistance balance their coronavirus-impacted textbooks. 

I would probably allow him go. He’s helped make Barcelona the richest club in the entire world. The club could choose the significant road, allow him to leave, and use the proceeds to get on with the system of rebuilding an growing old and, at least by Barca standards, underperforming squad.

But what I wouldn’t do is draw a line in the sand over “privileges.”

Experience it: Superstars get a lot more leeway. Superstars get to break guidelines lesser accomplishing staff members need to stick to. Superstars get to say and do items that others really don’t. Whilst that could not audio honest, that is the way it will work: in sports and in business.

Your finest salesperson can get absent with a number of points many others are unable to. You let your greatest computer software engineer come in a minor late if he needs you see it as a sensible tradeoff for fantastic functionality. You glance absent when your very best salesperson is sometimes really hard to arrive at you see it as a fair tradeoff for making major profits.

You put up with a several factors from higher performers that you would never tolerate from mediocre staff members. (As a boss when informed me when I complained that an additional staff was allowed to make personal phone calls and I was not, “When you strike the numbers he is hitting, you can make an occasional mobile phone call too.”)

Maybe Koeman doesn’t consider Messi’s effectiveness justifies perks or privileges other players do not get. Probably that is why he’s getting an “inflexible” situation.

If which is the circumstance, which is surely his selection to make, and could imply that Messi’s efficiency is no for a longer period found to match his wages. (And is a further motive Barcelona must take into consideration permitting Messi leave.)

But if Koeman is just making an attempt to make a issue, he’s generating the erroneous position. 

There is certainly a massive big difference concerning “equal” and “truthful.” Every single personnel really should be treated relatively. But each individual worker is diverse. Some require a nudge. Other people require frequent assurance boosts. Many others want an occasional kick in the trousers.

Some workforce have earned better independence. Other folks have not.

Equal therapy is not generally truthful procedure. Your employees treatment a lot extra when they know a reward or self-discipline is based on what is right, not just what is written.

And is dependent on what is attained, through effectiveness and effort, and success.

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