Google “angry foods blog” and you’ll occur up with Girl and Pups, established by Mandy Lee in 2012. You will also find a profile of her on Vice, an on line outlet much better known for its edgy news reporting than its cookbook creator profiling—and therein lies the enchantment of the self-explained “Taiwan-born, Vancouver-lifted, and gradual-aged in New York” blogger. Her adventurous cooking (scallion popover s’mores, any person?) captures the interest of food stuff enthusiasts, when her unfiltered musings—yes, considerably of it angry—on living abroad as a trailing partner endears her to rule-breakers and iconoclasts.

Mandy’s initially cookbook, The Art of Escapism Cooking: A Survival Story, with Intensely Fantastic Flavors, was released this past slide. Included: a assortment of her recipes as properly as ruminations on her six yrs invested as an expat in China, wherever she fought off looming melancholy by obsessively cooking. Mandy and her husband and their puppies decamped for Hong Kong in 2016, but she’s nonetheless fueling her dishes with equal sections like and bile in her new residence.

A pair of weeks in the past, we arrived across her freshly reworked kitchen area on Instagram we’re taking the future available flight to expend an afternoon with Mandy we’ll vent and prepare dinner. Until eventually then, we’re chronicling the aspects of her Victorian-motivated kitchen area, which she shared with us with her characteristic candor.

Have a search.

Pictures by Mandy Lee.

Previously mentioned: “I picked this palette and aesthetic due to the fact I’m just not an all-white-kitchen area kinda identity,” Mandy states. “It does not modify how I cook dinner, but it changes how I come to feel in the kitchen, offering me a feeling of nostalgia and imagery that feels appropriate. I’m a sucker for all items vintage, aged, points that appear to recall stories even though they can not converse. And which is how I want my kitchen area to experience like, as if it has stories.”
Previously mentioned: “I thankfully observed a paint enterprise that was eager to devote hours and hours on custom mixing just the correct shade for me. I like the color, that Victorian environmentally friendly, moody and unusual, and how it plays perfectly with the bits of gold and copper. It is named as ‘Mandy 2.3’ in this paint business Eico in HK if anyone’s intrigued.”

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