New and noteworthy: The Mirror kitchen technique by Paris-primarily based, Pritzker-Award-profitable architect Jean Nouvel for Reform, the Copenhagen/NYC kitchen area company. Mirror “celebrates Novel’s fascination in exploring gentle and atmosphere,” according to Reform, with “high-gloss metallic fronts with vertical ridges, providing the illusion of transparency.” It’s out there in two finishes, black or untreated steel.

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Mirror Untreated Metallic

Over: The untreated metal Mirror models bounce light all-around the place.
reform kitchen jean nouvel 3
Higher than: The ridged metal cupboards give the illusion of transparency. Reform commenced out utilizing Ikea factors and fronting them with more trendy panels, but they now offer their individual line of “elevated good quality cabinet interiors” (proven over).
reform kitchen jean nouvel 6
Over: The metal Replicate kitchen area procedure have countertops made of stainless steel.

Replicate Black

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Earlier mentioned: The black Reflect components have high-gloss metal fronts with vertical ridges.
reform jean nouvel reflect kitchen black
Earlier mentioned: The black Mirror kitchen area is paired with dark gray Fenix laminate countertops.

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