Changing countertops is not a entire good deal of exciting. 1st, it’s expensive: A new granite countertop can charge as considerably as $100 for each square foot. Then, factor in removing the aged counter tops without the need of harming the cabinets, and the stakes are even greater.

Last but not least, the disruption a massive kitchen reno can induce is ordinarily a significant headache. But, there’s excellent information: You can stay away from the price and inconvenience and however achieve a new look—if you know how to paint laminate countertops.

Can You Paint Laminate Counters?

Laminate counters are totally a candidate for a paint-centered makeover.

Most homeowners consider they have two alternatives: rip out their counters and start fresh new or stay with what they have. But there is a 3rd option which is typically ideal. They can learn how to paint their laminate counter tops to achieve an totally new and enhanced seem. All it can take is a little bit of analysis, some prep do the job, and the suitable instruments and materials.

How To Paint Laminate Counter tops

Painting laminate kitchen countertops is properly in just the capabilities of a Diy-savvy home-owner. This area will protect all the things you want to know for a new laminate countertop glance.

Equipment and components

You’ll have to have various products, but most are quite affordable, and you could even have a couple of on hand currently:

Stage 1: Put together the area

Laminate countertops are easy from the manufacturing unit, so they are not a great floor for priming or painting—at minimum initially.

  • Give the primer and paint a little something to grab on to by scratching the countertop’s floor with medium-grit sandpaper (220 is ordinarily adequate). A palm sander is optional and will velocity up the approach, but you’ll require the sanding block for the corners and backsplash. The goal is not to sand by means of the laminate but just to scratch it up.
  • As soon as sufficiently scratched, use a rag and some mineral spirits to clean up the dust from the area. Be confident to test for any locations you might’ve skipped and give them a speedy scuffing as nicely.
  • Also, acquire notice of sections of laminate separating from the particle board underneath and repair service them with some contact cement.

Phase 2: Utilize painter’s tape

  • The moment the mineral spirits have dried, move on to taping together the countertop’s edges. Be certain to tape just about anything right adjacent to the counter, such as the sink, cabinets, refrigerator, stove, and wall.

Methods 3: Key the laminate counter tops

With almost everything taped, you can start out priming the counter.

  • Begin by pouring some primer into the paint tray, then, with a again-and-forth movement, use the roller to apply it to the laminate counter. Be absolutely sure to overlap each prior go by a several inches to make sure you are sustaining a soaked edge.
  • When you get to the inside of corners and the edges, be guaranteed to swap to the paintbrush. It’s ideal to brush the primer onto the counter even though the rolled primer is nevertheless soaked, as it will dry with a far more regular, flat texture.
  • Always permit the primer to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Phase 4: Prepare for paint

Even though the primer is drying, you can start out planning for paint.

  • Pour any remaining primer again into the can, discard the tray liner, and position a new liner in the tray.
  • Throw out the roller deal with and cleanse the paintbrush with soap and water (mineral spirits also function well).

Phase 5: Paint the laminate counter tops

You can start off painting the counter tops as shortly as the primer is entirely dry.

  • Blend and pour some paint into the paint tray and use a contemporary paint roller go over to implement it to the laminate countertop.
  • Be sure to overlap every stroke to guarantee you are keeping a soaked edge. Again, change to the brush when you get to within corners, the sink, the backsplash, or other tough-to-access places.
  • Most laminate counters will have to have a 2nd coat, so repeat the approach as soon as the 1st coat dries.
  • Right after the second coat, cleanse the paintbrush and substitute the tray liner and roller address.

Step 6: Implement the topcoat

The final move in portray laminate kitchen area counter tops is to guard the painted surface with a water-primarily based topcoat, also known as a distinct coat. This layer will defend the paint from water and other sources of hurt.

  • Applying the topcoat is quite related to the priming and painting system. The only difference is that the apparent coat can be challenging to see, so choose your time.
  • Be positive to overlap every single roller stroke to make sure a moist edge, and use the brush to address the corners, edges, and other spots. A next coat is extremely proposed, but fortunately, latex-dependent topcoats dry quickly.

And, with that ultimate layer of topcoat dry, you have given a fresh new glance to an old laminate countertop. The painted surface area is durable, but not fairly as resistant to water and scratches as the laminate, so be absolutely sure to wipe up spills quickly and stay clear of scratching the paint as significantly as feasible.

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