Butcher block—whether section of a kitchen area counter, island, slicing board, or table—is a preferred material for its attractive woodgrain visual appeal and pliable chopping floor. Typically made with conclusion-grain wooden, butcher block surfaces are “self-therapeutic,” meaning cuts have a tendency to shut up about time. But though some resources have praised its feasible antibacterial attributes, butcher-block can still grow to be dulled and soiled with use, which is why it is vital to know how to clear and preserve it appropriately.

Equipment and Materials

For this effortless Diy project, you are going to will need the next objects:

  • a dough scraper
  • kosher salt
  • lemon juice
  • baking soda
  • scouring pad or stiff scrubbing brush
  • paper towels
  • razor blade scraper or good-grit sandpaper
  • meals-grade mineral oil
  • a lint-no cost fabric

Preserving butcher block in good affliction requires some TLC. It can’t be thrown into the dishwasher because of the significant warmth, and it doesn’t deal with regular home cleaners, like bleach, very well. So you’ll have to consider some specific techniques to clean and manage your butcher-block surfaces.

How to Clean up Butcher Block

The very best substances for cleaning a butcher block surface area are kosher salt, lemon, and baking soda. Vinegar isn’t always the very best applicant since its acidic properties can dissolve the glue that joins with each other the wooden items of butcher block, and bleach will lighten the deep hues of the wooden, rendering it much less desirable. In this article are a number of steps for cleansing butcher block:

  1. To start out, use a dough scraper to eliminate any small, stubborn food stuff particles that are caught on the surface area.
  2. Then sprinkle on a generous pile of kosher salt, and squeeze a huge amount of lemon juice around it.
  3. Use a scouring pad or rigid scrubbing brush to type a paste with these elements and spread it above the whole surface, scrubbing it vigorously and evenly into the wooden. Spend unique consideration to stains and give those spots some more elbow grease.
  4. Right after you have covered the full surface area, rinse the wood with heat drinking water, and pat it dry with paper towels.
  5. Next, pour a mound of baking soda on to the area and increase some drops of water to kind a paste.
  6. Go about the surface once again with this combination, utilizing the identical scouring pad or scrubbing brush.
  7. Once again, rinse the solution off with warm drinking water and use paper towels to pat dry.
  8. Allow the surface area to more dry right away before placing anything at all on major of it.

If your butcher block is excessively stained or appears noticeably dull, you may possibly want to take into account sanding off a skinny layer to start about with the clean materials underneath.

How to Sustain Butcher Block Counters

Once your butcher block area has been properly cleaned, the future step is to treat it with mineral oil to hold it supple. Make absolutely sure you’re making use of meals-quality mineral oil considering the fact that the surface is utilised for food preparing. Mineral oil helps wooden keep its interior humidity while protecting against liquid from seeping in. To enable preserve your butcher block surfaces, comply with these steps:

  1. To utilize the mineral oil, pour a modest puddle proper on to the surface area and use a lint-cost-free fabric to rub it into the wooden.
  2. Permit the oil sit for an hour. If it is absolutely absorbed in that time, apply a lot more oil, and repeat this system right until the wood stops consuming the oil.
  3. Then use a lint-totally free fabric to wipe off the excess oil and you’re performed!

Treat your butcher block floor with mineral oil the moment a period, and much more normally throughout the drier months or if you live in an arid spot. Maintaining the wooden supple and moist goes a very long way to maintaining its well being and natural beauty.

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