The elusive “lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets” is almost every guy’s dream girl, but it’s not always easy to walk the line between good girl and bad girl. You want to be someone he can take home to mom, not just someone he can take home. It’s usually pretty easy to maintain this balance at the beginning of the relationship, but once you get comfortable you might notice your bad girl side start to drift away. Call girls Greece give you 14 tips to be his Bad Girl not only for Valentine’s Day, but for every day of your life!

1. A bad girl is confident

Being confident is one of the most important traits of being a bad girl that men secretly love. It is important that a girl should understand that no one is perfect. Once that has been sorted out, then she will understand that she is perfect just the way she is. That way, she will always make him happier because nothing shuts a man down more than insecurity. That said, even before you get to think of anything else, the first thing that you need to focus on is none other than accepting yourself. It is the most important part of life in general and doing so will boost your self-esteem and drive in ways that you wouldn’t even imagine. You will up your style with confidence and have other glowing traits that will blow your boyfriend’s mind away in a jiffy.

2. Bad girls have good vibes

There is always an aura of naughtiness when it comes to bad girls and that is why guys will most certainly be into them for the long haul. It is, therefore, a very important thing for you to ensure that you are always yourself. Stop with all of the trying too hard and just have a good time. Loosen up and learn how to have fun and not be stiff as some of the good girls have been known to be. Once again, the latter is something that can be learned with so much ease.

3. Bad girls aren’t fake

The worst thing about many girls nowadays is that they are too fake. Being a bad girl isn’t something that you can fake. Being a bad girl is something that you have to unleash because it is hotwired and hidden deep inside a woman’s brain. So, make sure that you are confident, loosened up and it goes without saying that you will have a good time being the bad girl that you were supposed to be. That is how you get to stay on top of your game and make your man even more attracted to you.

4. Bad girls are independent

Another one of the most attractive traits that a bad girl can possess is independence. Let’s get this straight: it might be cute to ask for lingerie money at first. But the more it goes on, the more unattractive it gets and needless to say, it eventually starts sucking. That said, independence comes in as another one of the core traits that a bad girl is supposed to have. Independence also goes a long way as far as your style is concerned.

5. Be naughty

Traditionally, men are usually the ones who are supposed to initiate the courtship. But if you do it right, then you have nothing to worry about because you will pleasantly surprise him more often than not by nibbling his earlobe right before dipping your hands all the way into his sweatpants and finding buried treasure. The thing is, there’s a million ways to be naughty, ranging from your dress all the way to your actions.

6. Be adventurous

Okay, have you ever been on a train? Suggest it. You haven’t gone to the gym with him? Surprise him one morning by yanking your new gym bag out of the closet and accompanying him to work out. Try new things and you will most certainly win his favour. Men love women who live life on the edge because the adrenaline rush always has a way of rekindling the fire in any relationship. And if you can do that, then it goes a long way to show just how much of a bad ass you are.

7. Give him freedom

Being a bad girl means that you don’t sweat the small stuff. Does your man want some time out to hang out at the club with his friends? By all means, let him do just that! If he wants to play video games or is too busy to reply to your texts, cut him some slack. That way, it will show him that you are a badass confident woman and that you don’t worry about the small things that other basic girls worry about. And that is exactly what will make him love you even more.

8. Bad girls dress the part

How do you know that the cat woman is the cat woman? Duh, it’s the costume that she wears. Good. And that means that you’ll have to learn how to dress the part of a bad girl if you want to convince your man. Again, you can use the internet to your advantage and learn more about the kind of dress and makeup that is appropriate for a bad girl. Or get some of your badass friends to help you out.

9. Master the art of flirting

Apart from being confident, getting your outfit and makeup right, you will be required to be flirtatious. Being a flirt is a very important aspect of being a bad girl and you should invest the time. The truth is that anyone can flirt and the more you practice, the more of a badass female you’ll become. So, if you aren’t doing it already, then I suggest that you get at it pronto!


10. Invest in your looks

Another one of the most important traits that a bad girl has is her looks. When it comes to looks, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. These include the style, the dressing, the makeup, the jewelry just to mention a few. You should, therefore, update your wardrobe as effectively as possible if you are to get the required attention from your man.

11. Take control

A girl who knows when to take control is one who is considered to be a bad girl. If you are a girl who is shy of making boss moves and being in control, then you need to work as hard as possible to acquire such traits before it’s too late. Your body language will show that you are a female or girl who is in control of every aspect of her life. And that alone will go a very long way in making you more attractive to your man.

12. A bad girl talks dirty

Apart from being confident, flirtatious and freaky, a bd girl should know a thing or two about talking dirty. Men do love it when their women talk dirty because it is such a turn on. A bad girl not only knows how to talk dirty but knows when and how to go about it. if your bad girl dirty talk isn’t up to par, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to try some bad girl tutorials online. You can also improve your bad girl dirty talking by watching adult films during your downtime.

13. Surprise him

Yes, you heard me right. a bad girl knows a thing or two about surprising a man. You see, men aren’t that different from women because they happen to love gifts as much as women do. But that doesn’t mean that you have to bring him flowers after work. You can surprise him with some bomb sex when he least expects it. Get him a favourite toy or watch and he will love you even more. Look around at some of the badass females around you and borrow a trick or two because that is exactly what they are doing.

14. Be bad for him only

Men are territorial. Therefore, in as much as you are looking like a million bucks in your nice, tight dress and just the right amount of makeup, always do it exclusively for him because you are his girl. And he HATES sharing – period.

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